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Append to all email addresses. Office hours are in Evans 446 unless otherwise noted.


Professor and Co-Author

Ani Adhikari Photo

Ani Adhikari

Email: adhikari


Jim Pitman Photo

Jim Pitman

Email: pitman

Head uGSIs

Dibya Ghosh Photo

Dibya Ghosh

Email: dibya.ghosh

Section 106: WF 2-3

Alan Chuang Photo

Alan Chuang

Email: alanchuang

Section 107: WF 3-4


Robert Blanco Photo

Robert Sweeney-Blanco

Email: robertsweeneyblanco

Section 108: WF 4-5

Dominic Croce Photo

Dominic Croce

Email: dcroce

Section 103: WF 11-12

Sung Ho Park Photo

Sung Ho Park

Email: sungpark98

Section 104: WF 12-1

Ryan Roggenkemper Photo

Ryan Roggenkemper

Email: rroggenkemper

Section 101: WF 9-10

Xinyi Ren Photo

Xinyi Ren

Email: xinyiren

Section 102: WF 10-11

Neil Sharma Photo

Neil Sharma

Email: nsharma1998

Section 105: WF 1-2


Zijun Xu Photo

Zijun Xu

Email: zijunxu

Elizabeth Coda Photo

Elizabeth Coda

Email: elizabethcoda

Fenglu Hong Photo

Tina Hong

Email: hongfenglu

Emily Hsiao Photo

Emily Hsiao

Email: ehsiao13

Christina Jin Photo

Christina Jin

Email: christina_jyt

Aditya Kotak Photo

Aditya Kotak

Email: adikotak

Jamarcus Liu Photo

Jamarcus Liu

Email: yanwei.liu

Srivaths Mannar Photo

Srivaths Mannar

Email: srivathskm

Aram Moghaddassi Photo

Aram Moghaddassi

Email: amoghaddassi

Yiwen Shi Photo

Yiwen Shi

Email: yshi2016

Ophelia Wang Photo

Ophelia Wang

Email: wangyumeng2017

Chendi Wu Photo

Chendi Wu

Email: chendiw

Huiyi Zhang Photo

Huiyi Zhang

Email: huiyi.zhang