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Swupnil Sahai Photo

Swupnil Sahai

Email: swupnil

Head (u)GSIs

Ophelia Wang Photo

Ophelia Wang

Email: wangyumeng2017

Hello! I'm an MA student in Statistics. I love discovering good food and playing board games. Let me know what's your favorite board game this Fall!

Shahzar Rizvi Photo


Email: shahzar

Hello! I'm a fourth year in studying computer science, statistics, and mathematics. I've travelled through many majors; as a result I have taken many classes and done all sorts of research. I enjoy reading and learning. Feel free to ask me about classes, research, book recommendations, or anything else!

Xinran Liang Photo

Xinran Liang

Email: xinranliang

Hi! I'm a senior studying Applied Mathematics and Data Science. I love cooking and finding foods all around the world outside of classes. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you online this semester. 140 is one of my favorite class at Cal and hope you all enjoy 140 with me!


Chandana Bhimarao Photo

Chandana Bhimarao

Email: chandana.bhimarao

Hello! I'm a third year studying Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. In my free time, I enjoy vegan cooking, crocheting, working with nonprofits, and playing instruments. I look forward to meeting all of you, and feel free to reach out!

Dominic Liu Photo

Dominic Liu

Email: hangxingliu

Hi! I'm a fourth year CS and Stats major. I'm recently obsessed with spelling bee and crosswords (suck at both tho), Survivor, and credit card rewards. Hope you'll enjoy 140 as much as I did!

Hannah Huang Photo

Hannah Huang

Email: hphuang

Hi! I'm a junior studying Computer Science and Statistics. I love playing piano, hiking, dancing, and making matcha lattes (working on my latte art!). I hope you enjoy 140 as much as I do, and I'm looking forward to meeting you!

Michael Xiao Photo

Michael Xiao

Email: michaelxiao1999

Hi! I'm a senior studying environmental science and statistics. I love board games and trying new recipes. Hope you have fun in 140 and ask me if you want to talk about anything statistics.

Salil Goyal Photo

Salil Goyal

Email: salilgoyal

Hello! I'm a senior majoring in applied math. I love playing the uke, (trying) to juggle and sitting in the sun.

Siddharth Gangrade Photo

Siddharth Gangrade

Email: sgangrade

Hey! I’m Sid (he/him), and I’m a senior studying Civil Engineering with a focus in Transportation. I love cooking, hiking, and making music. Feel free to reach out if you want help, study tips, or just to chat!

Sophia Xiao Photo

Sophia Xiao

Email: sophiaxiao

Hello! I'm Sophia (she/her), a third year applied math major. I like to swing dance, knit, and play Brawl Stars. I look forward to meeting y'all :)

Zihan Wen Photo

Zihan Wen

Email: zihan.wen

Hey everyone! I am a senior studying Data Science & Business. I enjoy watching cooking shows and trying out new recipes in my free time. Data 140 is hands down my favorite class at Cal. I can’t wait to get to know you all and feel free to reach out whenever you need help!


Catherine Zhang Photo

Catherine Zhang

Email: catherine.zhang

Hi! I'm a junior studying computer science and data science. I love baking, traveling, and binge watching detective shows (Castle is my all time favorite!). I look forward to meeting you!

Christopher Nammour Photo

Christopher Nammour

Email: cnammour

Hey! I'm a third-year studying Applied Math. I love traveling, programming video games, and chilling in the sun. 140 was one of the most rewarding classes I've taken at Cal, and I'm looking forward to sharing that experience with you!

Kaci Gu Photo

Kaci Gu

Email: kgu00

Hi! I'm a junior studying Data Science and Economics. I love having food, swimming/hitting the gym, and sleeping. Looking forward to meeting y'all!

Kate Gwimm Photo

Kate Gwimm

Email: kategwimm

Hi! I'm a junior studying CS and DS. In my free time, I enjoy taking long naps, eating spicy chips, and sitting in grass.

Leah Xue Photo

Leah Xue

Email: xmq020816

Hi! I am a sophomore studying applied math and CS. I like ballet, Kpop, and watching horror movies. I am super excited to meet you all!

Omran Dweik Photo

Omran Dweik

Email: omdweik18

Hi! I’m a 3rd year studying Applied Math and Econ. I love the Sixers, poker, and pre-season 7 Game of Thrones. I’m very excited to get started this Spring and hope y’all get as much out of 140 as I did!

Rishi Balakrishnan Photo

Rishi Balakrishnan

Email: rishibalakrishnan

Hi, my name is Rishi and I'm a junior studying CS and Global Poverty and Practice. I am an avid sleep and cereal enthusiast, and 140 has been one of my favorite classes. I'm excited to meet all of you!

Selena Li Photo

Selena Li

Email: selenajli

Hi everyone! I'm a junior studying Applied Math and Stats. I love figure skating, playing piano, both trying new food places and making my own food, and I recently got into poker. 140 is a great class, so I hope you enjoy it, and I can't wait to meet you all!

Serena Zhang Photo

Serena Zhang

Email: serenazyx

Hi all! I'm Serena, a junior studying EECS. Feel free to reach our to me about anything. Hope you have fun with probabilities!

Tony Li Photo

Tony Li

Email: tony2000lee

Hi! I'm a senior studying Economics and Political Science. I enjoy singing, photography, motorsport racing, and aviation. Looking forward to meeting you soon!

Ziyue Deng Photo

Ziyue Deng

Email: ziyue_deng

Hi everyone! I'm a junior studying Computer Science and Statistics. In my free time, I love traveling, exploring different restaurants, and watching travel/food/fashion-related videos on YouTube. Data 140 is one of my favorite courses at Cal! I am looking forward to meeting you all and hope you enjoy the course too!