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Append to all email addresses. Office hours are in Evans 446 unless otherwise noted.


Professor and Co-Author

Ani Adhikari Photo

Ani Adhikari

Email: adhikari



Jim Pitman Photo

Jim Pitman

Email: pitman


Co-Developers and Head uGSIs

Dibya Ghosh Photo

Dibya Ghosh

Email: dibya

OH: M 4-5, R 1-2

Jason Zhang Photo

Jason Zhang

Email: zhang.j

OH: M 3-4, F 5-6


Priyanka Bhoj Photo

Priyanka Bhoj

Email: priyanka.bhoj

OH: F 1-2

Arvind Iyengar Photo

Arvind Iyengar

Email: arvindiyengar

OH: F 12-1

Kazu Kogachi Photo

Kazu Kogachi

Email: kkogachi

OH: R 11-12

Biyonka Liang Photo

Biyonka Liang

Email: biyonkaliang

OH: T 11-12

Katherine Yen Photo

Katherine Yen

Email: katherine.yen

OH: T 2-3


Alan Chuang Photo

Alan Chuang

Email: alanchuang

OH: M 10-12

Xinyi Ren Photo

Xinyi Ren

Email: xinyiren

OH: T 9-11

Mujahid Zaman Photo

Mujahid Zaman

Email: m.zaman

OH: M 2-3, F 11-12

Henry Zhu Photo

Henry Zhu

Email: henryzhu

OH: M 12-1, R 4-5