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Midterm Practice

The midterm will be on March 2nd in class and cover material through section 14.2 of the course notes. You will not be expected to read or write any code on the exam.

You may find the following resources helpful:

  • Stat 134 Review Sheet: You may ignore the questions related to the normal distribution (“What Distribution” #6 and “Recommended Problems” 3ii). UPDATED 2/26 9:40PM, pdf updated with corrections
  • Stat 134 Fall 2014 midterm: You may skip over the SD part in Question 1. You should be able to do all the other problems without using the Normal CDF approximation. Remember to explicitly mention when you are using an approximation instead of an exact solution.
  • Midterm review guide

  • Midterm Cover Sheet: You should read this carefully before the midterm. It will answer some of your questions about the logistics and save you some time on the day of the midterm.

Note that Prob140 covers material not included in the practice Stat 134 midterms, so make sure to read through the course notes.