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Week 12 Preparation Guide

Week 12 Preparation Guide

Please do the required reading before attempting problems. Not only does it contain the material you need for the week’s work, and more examples than in the lectures, it will remind you of the details that you have to keep in mind when attempting problems. You will solve problems faster if you read first.


Required: Textbook Chapter 20, Chapter 21

Recommended: Pitman Section 6.3 (pages 417-422)

Practice Problems

The goal of practice is for you to figure out how to get started on a solution and see it through to the end. To achieve this, you have to be prepared to go over the background reading and examples and then mess around with the ideas yourself to come up with steps that will lead to a solution. It will not be achieved if you just read solutions created by others.

Further Review Exericses consist of several problems on the material of Chapters 19 onwards. Those chapters build on the previous ones, so you have to be familiar with the previous chapters as well.

We will be adding more problems during the last few weeks of the semester, not only from the remaining chapters but also from the earlier ones.

At the moment, the set is rather short. Please do all the problems that are not on the Section list below.

Discussion Section

Sections will cover problems from the Review Sets, selected partly to help with the week’s lab and homework.

Further Review Exercises 2, 7, 8, 11