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9/17 - Week 5 assignments have been updated! Quiz 2 on 9/20!
9/10 - Week 4 assignments have been updated!
9/3 - Week 3 assignments have been updated! HW 2 due 9/4 at 8PM
8/27 - Week 2 assignments have been updated!
8/21 - The semester begins on 8/22. First lecture will be 8/22!
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Double Integrals

Here is a beautiful lecture by Prof. Denis Auroux of the Berkeley Math department, recorded when he was at MIT. If you have studied double integrals before, you can start at around 15:30.

Mathematical Induction

Here is a clear and concise exposition, with several examples, by Prof. Victor Adamchik of the CS department at Carnegie Mellon.

Summation Notation

Here is a terrific summary by Prof. James Aspnes of the Yale CS department.

Exponential Approximation