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Ani AdhikariProfessor


Course Staff

Zixun WangTutor


Hi! My name is Zixun, and I am a sophomore studying CS and Stats. I love playing badminton, guitar, and following news in esports :) Looking forward to a great semester ahead!

Yiyan HaoTA


Hi! I’m a senior studying Data Science and Molecular Environmental Biology. I enjoy cooking, traveling, and table tennis. Super excited to meet you all!

Richard WangLead TA


Hi! I’m a junior studying CS & Stats. Some activities I enjoy include badminton, basketball, and chess. 140 has been my favorite class in Berkeley, and I hope it will be yours too!

Nikki SuzaniLead TA


Hi! I’m a junior studying CS & Data Science. In my free time I like planning solo travels, going to concerts, and drinking excessive amounts of caffeine. Super excited to meet you this semester :)

Nicolas Rault-WangTutor


Hi! I’m a junior studying Applied Math and CS. I enjoy cooking Mediterranean food, reading sci-fi/fantasy books, and listening to movie soundtracks (sometimes all at once). I’m excited to meet you all!

Nic RossTA


Hi, I’m a third year studying Data Science from the UK. This semester I’m hoping to see more of California and watch Man Utd play fluid football!

Michael XiaoLead TA


Hi! I’m a graduate student in the Statistics Department. I love board games and trying new recipes. Hope you have fun in 140 and ask me if you want to talk about anything statistics.

Karen ShiehTutor


Hi! I’m a sophomore studying Data Science and Computer Science. I love reading books, singing, playing the piano, and drinking boba 8) I’m looking forward to meeting y’all!

Josh RichlandTA


Hey everyone! My name is Josh and I am a senior studying Data Science. I love all things sports, reading, and playing classical piano. I’m looking forward to meeting you all this semester!

Jessica GoldenLogistics Lead TA


Hi, I’m a junior studying data science and cognitive science. Outside of school, I love solving puzzles, playing percussion in UCBSO, staring at squirrels, crocheting, and journaling! Data 140 is the most rewarding course, I hope you enjoy it!

Jacob LebovitzTutor


Hi, my name is Jacob and I am a third year data science major and sustainable design minor. I am also a part of the triathlon team, and enjoy being outdoors!

Fatima Gonzalez PerezTutor


Hi everyone! I am a Junior studying Data Science and Business Administration. I love to hike, cook, thrift, binge-watch tv’s/movies (favorites include New Girl, The Office, Arrested Development), and listen to music (loveeee Baby Keem, Taylor Swift, and Banda/Corridos) in my free time. I am excited to meet everyone this semester!

Brandon MarksTA


Hi guys! I am a junior studying math and data science. In my free time I like watching sports, playing board games and fiddling with rubik’s cubes. I look forward to meeting you all!

Bhavna BhatTutor


Hi! I’m a junior studying data science and computer science. I love to watch movies in the theater, listen to music while walking, and do some fitness at RSF in my free time. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone this semester!

Andrew TheinTutor


Hi everyone! I’m a sophomore studying CS & Stats. I love all things sports, traveling, hiking, and cooking during my free time. I hope you all have a great time in 140 like I did and I’m looking forward to meeting you all!