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1/18 - Welcome to Data 140 Spring 2022!

Week 0 Overview

Getting Started

1 Probability — axioms, rules, approximation
Random variables - distributions, equality, conditioning
2 Symmetry and collections of events
Binomial and related counts; a Poisson limit
3 Independence and Poissonization
4 Expectation and Additivity
Expectation by Conditioning
5 Long run behavior of Markov Chains
6 Markov Chain Monte Carlo
SD and tail bounds
7 Midterm on 3/1
Covariance and its uses
8 Central Limit Theorem
Probability densities
9 Transformations
Joint Densities
Spring Break
10 Independent normal and gamma variables
Moment generating functions and Chernoff bound
11 MLE; Conditioning; MAP Estimates
The beta and the binomial
12 Prediction and Error
Error Variance
13 Random vectors; multivariate normal
Correlation and simple regression
14 Multiple regression I
Multiple regression II
15 RRR Week
16 Final Exam